Bathrooms - Centrepiece Kitchens & Bathrooms

Our approach is simple. We provide high quality bathroom products matched with high quality service. We tailor each project to the clients specific needs and operate without a showroom to give the best value. The process is usually conducted at our clients premises or home. In some circumstances we may invite our clients to visit a showroom of a supplier to look at a specific product. The initial consultation is free of charge which allows our clients to get to know us and see what we are about.

The process

Initial consultation
The purpose of this visit is to collect a design brief. This will usually take 1-2 hours depending on the client specification. We will discuss any ideas or inspiration for the design and produce a wish list of features to be included, as well as preferences of styles and colours; and options for bathing and showering. We will also discuss a budget for the project. During this visit accurate measurements of the room are taken and a brief survey of existing services is made. We may ask to take a few photographs of the existing installation to aid the process. If the property is a new build then we can work from a construction drawing and then check measurements on site prior to ordering. We will explain how the process works going forward, with an opportunity to ask any questions.

Preparation of plan and quotation
The design is produced using the latest design software. High definition images of the design will be produced which allows us to demonstrate how we have addressed the brief, and give the best representation of how the finished design would look.

Design presentation
During the design presentation we will discuss the design and how we feel it meets the brief. Any alterations needed will addressed there and then, so that the effect of the changes made can be seen instantly. It’s important to us that our clients 100% happy with the design and are excited about moving on to the next stage.

Technical Survey
Prior to installation one of the installation team will arrange a site visit to discuss the practicalities of the installation process and answer any questions. A survey of the site is carried out to establish existing service locations and the preparation of health and safety documents. During the visit a start date is agreed and an estimated time is given for completion.

The length of time required to install the bathroom will vary depending on the design and the amount of trades require to complete the project.

Once the installation process is complete the project is signed off and handed over.